Discover Rising Tides guest Francis Esters the Elegant Tom boy hosted by Jeanne GallagherDiscover Rising Tides with The Elegant Tomboy – How the Outside Makes the Inside Better

Discovering Guest Frances Esters aka The Elegant Tomboy. You can find her refurbishing and re-purposing furniture, hiking out in the redwoods or helping others learn all about self care or teaching makeup tips and tricks. She is just as comfortable playing with power tools as makeup hence the reason she was deemed The Elegant Tomboy by a friend many years ago.

Through conversations with female business owners, we explore the benefits of time spent outside to maintain life balance. The time outside and activity may differ in each conversation, but we delve into the subject to find the commonality that drives us all.  As a business owner, I find myself outside to balance the challenges of every day



August 3rd, 2022  6:00 pm PST

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