Sound familiar? At times, we all have to dig deep for motivation. There are days that I wake up and am ready to go. In my head, clothes are planned, gear is ready and all that is needed to do is lace up the shoes and hit the trail. The sun is shining, the trail is calling. How can it not be a beautiful day.

And then there are days when nothing is calling, even though time has been set aside to hike. These are the days that I need it the most, the days when it is the hardest to follow though.  Finding your internal motivation is important. Sometimes an external motivator is needed. My external push (shove really) comes from my four-footed hiking partner. Abby watches closely, anticipating me to make a move that might resemble a dog-approved activity. It might be as slight as picking up socks or grabbing clothes that she has seen me hike in. My observant partner. I have come to depend on her to push me, even when I am not  “feeling it”. One look at her and I know it’’s time to lace up my shoes and hit the trail.

What is your motivator?