It’s all about the gear!  The title says “cool mornings”, but really there are days it’s COLD when you start!  Layers are where it’s at!  Before I dialed in the clothing, the numbers on the thermometer would dictate whether it was going to be a hiking day or not. Then, as the day progressed and the temperatures warmed, feelings of regret seep in. You know the dialog “I should have gone”, “Oh, $#%@, it’s warm now” You’ve said this? You’ve thought this? Me too!

Until I figured out how to properly layer my clothes. Layers are important, but #1 on the list is determining the best materials.

For me, it’s merino for the win.

There are many resources out there. Your local gear shop or one of the many Facebook pages dedicated to an activity.

Sifting through all the “opinions” in the comments of the pages can be overwhelming because everyone has an opinion! Reach out to the community, ask questions, learn from others and get out there, no matter what the weather is!